Weanling Wonderland

Time to Be 'Just a Horse' 

... with regular etiquette lessons.

Weaning time is much less stressful for babies when they can go through it with an equine buddy. This is the time for living outside, romping, fresh air and socializing with other youngsters. Joints grow strong and herd manners are learned. Our staff offers daily care during that long first winter. So, life isn't too hard for the weanlings, but at Imagine Farms Training, these youngsters do get regular handling and "etiquette" sessions to keep those ground manners top of mind.

If you have a coming weanling, contact us to see if we have openings in our program.

owner with foal

"When I bred my first foal, I was in danger of spoiling him terribly. Thankfully, he grew up at Imagine Farms, where Bill tactfully balanced my fawning attention on my colt with appropriate discipline so that Ivan grew up to be a good equine citizen - safe for me and for others to handle."

~Karrin Huhmann, client since 2005


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