Watch Our Team At Canadian Nationals

The Imagine Farms show string is already bound for the northern border, headed to the Canadian National Arabian & Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show. The show runs from August 16 – 22 at the Keystone Centre in Brandon, Manitoba. Canadian Nationals stands alone as the only Arabian Horse Association championship show offering a full range of competition for youth and adults alike. Spectators can enjoy 207 different classes in youth, western, dressage, hunter and English disciplines.

You can get more information at the Canadian Nationals home page, download a copy of the show schedule, or download a copy highlighted with our competitors’ classes.

And even though we can’t all be there to cheer them on in person, you can live stream this show at

Once on the Arabian Horse Global page, Canadian Nationals will probably have a highly visible link on the home page. If you don’t see it, hover over “Shows & Events” in the main menu, then choose “Live Events” and choose this show from the options returned on the resulting page. Then, all you need to do is enter your email address, and watch from a broadband internet connection. You may choose which arena to view via livestream. Most of our classes are in the Westman Place arena, unless noted.

To plan your viewing experience, Imagine Farms has offered this line-up of its riders and handlers, along with a rough estimate of when each class will air.


Monday, August 17
Morning Session
Josh and Valarie     Class# 898     A/HA/AA Western Pleasure Walk /Trot 10 & Under JTR      Probably not before 11 am

Evening Session
Kim and Homer     Class# 593     HA/AA Mounted Native Costume AOTR CH     Around 7:15 pm

Tuesday, August 18
Morning Session
Maggie and Chester     Class# 27     Arabian Geldings In-Hand Around     Around 8:45 am

Wednesday, August 19
Morning Session
Grace and Chester     Class# 291     Arabian Hunter Pleasure CH     Around 9 am (we don’t know if she’ll be in section A or B)

Afternoon Session
Maggie and Chester     Class# 2197     A/HA/AA Hunter Seat Equitation Not to Jump 14-18 CH     Around 3:30 pm (Note this class is in the Westoba Ag Centre)

Thursday, August 20
Evening Session
Grace and Drake     Class# 978     Arabian Futurity Colts CH     Around 8 pm

Friday, August 21
Morning Session
Josh and Valarie     Class# 908     Walk Trot Equitation All Seats CH     Around 11:15 am

Afternoon Session
Maggie and Chester Class# 2135     Arabian Hunter Pleasure JOTR 14 – 18 CH     Around 1:15 pm
Grace and Chester Class# 291     Arabian Hunter Pleasure CH     Around 3:45 pm

Saturday, August 22
Morning Session
Josh and Val     Class# 1008     CEP, Hunter, English Walk/Trot 10 & Under CH     Around 10 am

Afternoon Session
Kim and Homer     Class# 591     HA/AA Native Costume Open CH     Around 6:54 pm

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