Focus on Foals

A Relationship Built on Trust

Foals at Imagine Farms are regularly handled, from day one. Safe, "butt rope" halter training starts at about one month, and ground manners come soon after. 

When it comes time for a saddle, years later, it’s not much of a rodeo. Nor is foot care, vetting, clipping or loading. We teach them it's all no big deal while they're small enough to not pose a danger to people or themselves.

All according to plan.

When it's time to foal out your mare, then see the pair from birth through weaning, Imagine Farms Training can assist you with loving, knowledgeable care and a great start in life for your little one. 

owner with foal

"When I bred my first foal, I was in danger of spoiling him terribly. Thankfully, he grew up at Imagine Farms, where Bill tactfully balanced my fawning attention on my colt with appropriate discipline so that Ivan grew up to be a good equine citizen - safe for me and for others to handle."

~Karrin Huhmann, client since 2005


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