First Holiday Party at Lee’s Summit Equestrian

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Continuing a tradition that our Imagine Farms clients will remember well, Lee’s Summit Equestrian threw its first holiday party for its boarders, HorsePower staff, friends and Imagine Farms clients.

The tradition includes a potluck buffet that, this year, resulted in a huge amount of food – from savory breakfast casseroles, to rolls, sweets, candy and bread. Thanks to everyone who brought a dish!

Then, the most anticipated part of the tradition – the white elephant gift exchange – started after all guests were rounded up into the lounge to draw numbers. Starting with the guest who drew number 1, each person got to pick a package from under the tree. Or, each subsequent guest could steal a previously-opened gift from its original recipient. Woe to those who were really pleased with their item, because their covetous friends could take it away! The fun resulted in lots of groans, lots of cheers, and ultimately everyone happy with the fun and camaraderie of the day.

Thank you to everyone for coming together to celebrate our little community of horse lovers. It’s times like this that remind us how great it is to have such a lovely barn family!

To see more photos, visit our Facebook page’s 2014 Holiday Party album.

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